You Just Never Know

Yesterday, I was sitting at my at BlackRapid studios and realized I hadn’t seen daylight since early morning.  Needing to get up and move, I decided to take a walk in the chilled, but clear, November air.  Out of habit, I grabbed my Sony NEX-7, hoping that there was some juice in the battery.

As I ventured out, I realized that there was nothing but harsh light thanks to a, rare for Seattle, cloudless sky.  I decided to look for shadows and reflections.  Walking around Seattle Center, a mid-city park originally build for the 1962 World’s Fair, I took a shot here and there of nothing exceptional.  As I rounded the corner of the Experience Music Project building, I saw these fantastic shadows against the metal facade of the building.  Not really knowing how to capture what I saw, I worked the scene for 10 or so minutes (I had to get back to the office) and tried many different angles.  This is the one I like the most.

My point here is two-fold.  Firstly, I had my camera in my hand.  Had I just taken a walk and not grabbed my Sony, I would have lost out.  Sure, I could have gone back another day, but timing is everything and I might not get a chance for a long while.  Secondly, I worked the shot.  The first 10 or so were, well, boring and not exactly getting it.  You may or may not be moved by this image, and that’s okay.  But, I like this image and, really, that’s what’s important.  I hope you like it, but if not, grab your camera and get out and shoot.  That’s the whole enchilada anyway, isn’t it?