Win a free CustomSLR Glide sling strap!

It’s simple! Just subscribe to my blog emails on the right side of this page.  Not only will you receive notification of my blog entries which will hopefully enlighten and delight, but you’ll be entered into a drawing for this fantastic camera strap.

I will give away a CustomSLR Glide Sling Strap ($64.95 Value) to a random subscriber. Drawing will be December 10th. Check out the the strap here:

7 thoughts on “Win a free CustomSLR Glide sling strap!”

  1. Hi Alan,
    Thanks for offering the opportunity to win a a sling strap.
    Do you want us to respond to the post or to subscribe if we would like to have our name thrown in the film canister?


  2. Now that I’ve signed up, I’ll mention that this strap is truly awesome. I had one which I managed to lose while on vacation, but I loved it. It was very comfortable, and never made me overheat or whatever. I definitely recommend this strap.

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