Unlimited Space for your iPad, iPhone & More

A very common question that I get, and one that I’ve been searching a solution to, is how to increase the space on the iPad without buying a new one.  Well, I’ve finally found an answer and it is a good one….

Okay, so I own the new iPad.  I bought the 32-gig version thinking that would be plenty of space.  Was I wrong!  Between the magazine subscriptions, e-books, teaching material and photographs, not to mention videos, I’m long out of space.  I thought about selling mine and getting the larger hard drive but that’s another $300 investment.  Along comes this great discovery.  Maxell (remember that name mix-tape lovers of yore) has released the AirStash.  This amazing device is about the size of two flash drives, takes removable SD cards up to 32-gigs and connects to any device wireless with its own wi-fi connection.  I just got mine yesterday.  They cost about $115 from B&H and is well worth the money for unlimited space.  I tried it last night and I was able to stream video from it to my iPad with no issues.  You can stream to up to 3 devices at one time.  Document sharing is easy.  Picture storage a breeze.  An you can change out the SD card as you like.  Importing photos directly to the device is great for on the road backup.   It also has a USB port for charging and transferring files from your computer.  Please use this link to buy it if you are interested:   Maxell AirStash


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