Tulip Festival

OK, so I’m not thrilled with shooting flowers, but today was such a beautiful day here in the Northwest (yes, 59 degrees with clear skies is a treat), that I piled in the car with some good friends and headed north to Le Connor for the Tulip Festival.  When we arrived, there was a sea of people and about a football field of flowers.  They had guards (not sure they were armed but they might have been) making sure nobody stepped near a tulip.   I actually saw a family trying to get a jumping photo inside a tulip bed!  Anyway, though we were there at full, high-noon sun (which in the NW, is about 3:00pm), I tried to get some shots.  Back down in the mud, I laid upon the soil attempting to get a shot that was somewhat different than the 1,300, 483 images taken before me.  Not sure I succeeded but, hey, at least I was out with a camera in my hand.  The results?  Well, not spectacular, but here they are.

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