Think Tank’s Urban Approach 10 Mirrorless Bag

20160826_172207If you are going to shoot a sexy camera such as the Fuji X-Pro2 or XT-2, you’ll want an equally appealing bag to carry it in.   Think Tank has developed an entire line dedicated to the mirrorless camera systems and the Urban Approach just may be my favorite.

The Think Tank Urban Approach bag comes in two sizes.  This one will hold a mirrorless camera and 1-3 lenses plus a 10″ tablet.  The Urban Approach 5 will carry a smaller mirrorless, a lens or two, plus a 7″ tablet.  For my money, the Urban Approach is a home run.

On a recent concert shoot for KEXP radio in Seattle, I was able to comfortably fit my Fuji X-Pro2 with the 18-55 lens attached PLUS the 50-140mm f/2.8 (with the hood reversed), 10-24 f/4 and the 16mm f/1.4 prime.   Not only that, I had spare batteries and my flash in the side pocket.   I fit all this in a bag that measures about 12x9x5.5 inches on the outside!  It’s laid out THAT well!

This bag is full of great features including wide, easy access to all my gear.  The flap is well designed with Velcro fasteners that tuck away if you need silent access plus, and this is new, a buckle for even more security.  There’s a side pocket for a flash or small water bottle.  The front pocket is big enough to throw in some batteries, cleaning clothes, pens, etc.  There’s a zip pocket on the outside for a small notebook or other items and a pocket on the inside for your tablet.  All this in a water-resistant, light-weight material.  The shoulder strap is outstanding as it has non-slip silicone stripes to keep it in place on your shoulder.  You can wear this bag as a cross body or shoulder bag.

I have to admit, I have a lot of bags (all of them, by the way, by Think Tank), but this one is going to get a lot of use.  It’s easy to grab and carry (thanks to the adjustable grab handle on top), it looks good and it is so darn functional.   I mean, that’s a lot of gear to fit in such a small package.  I could easily carry this bag all day long.  While shooting the concert, all I had to do was flip the top, throw one lens in and grab another as all of them were easily accessible.

If you are a mirrorless shooter and like to carry around a couple of lenses, this bag is the bag for you.  Highly recommended.   Buy it here with FREE SHIPPING and a FREE GIFT.20160826_172239



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