Think Tank Perception 15 Backpack & BlackRapid’s New Strap

Think Tank Photo has just released a new line of backpacks specifically made for mirrorless cameras and I just received mine.  They are small, compact and, most importantly, light weight.  The new Think Tank Perception comes in 3 sizes in both black and taupe.  I got the Perception 15 which is made to fit a mirrorless camera with two lenses and a 15″ laptop.

12-5-2014 4-36-07 PMAs with all Think Tank bags, this thing is beautifully made.  First, there’s the color.  As someone who owns about a dozen camera bags, all black, it’s quite a nice change to have this bag in a taupe, or light brown, color.  The laptop and tablet compartments comfortably fit my MacBook Pro and iPad Air.   The main compartment zipper draws from both sides and, as a nice touch, goes very low on the bag which allows me to open it up quite wide making it very easy to reach and search through the main compartment.  There is plenty of room for MacBook accessories, a jacket, sunglasses, a snack or whatever else you might take on a day trip, hike or even vacation.  The camera sits perfectly above the main compartment snuggled in two pockets with a cinch to snugly hold your camera and lenses.  My Sony A6000 with the Zeiss 16-70 lens attached and a second lens fits with no problems.  My guess is any mirrorless will fit nicely.

As with all Think Tank bags (can you tell I’m a huge fan?) there are a ton of small things that only a photographer can think to add.  There’s a grab handle on the top, a tripod-carry on the front that will allow you to mount a small travel tripod.  Tucked in a pocket at the top, is a strap to attach the top of the tripod.  There’s even a small, velvet-lined pocket for sunglasses!  I absolutely love this bag!

Now, here’s something just as cool.  BlackRapid has just released a backpack strap.  One side attaches to the latch on top of your backpack harness and the other attaches to the opposite bottom of the harness.  This creates a cross body sling for your camera.  There’s a cinch ring that will allow you to pull up and tighten your camera across your chest while walking or hiking so your camera doesn’t swing.  Ready to shoot, release the latch, drop the sling and you now have a cross-body camera strap!  No need to wear a backpack AND camera strap.  This is awesome.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve traveled or hiked with both a backpack and my Black Rapid strap only to get the two tangled up when I can’t remember which one I put on first.  This is a simple but extremely effective solution.

Grab the Think Tank bag by using this link for something a little extra!

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