The Zoo is Always Good

My calendar was fairly clear yesterday, so I wanted to go out and make some images with my Nikon 300mm f/2.8 prime lens. I decided to head to Woodland Park Zoo. While I was at it, I purchased a year’s pass for $49. If you think about it, that’s a great deal. I can pick up my camera and go anytime the urge hits. The Zoo is a great place to shoot. Not only are there amazing animals, but there’s also a bounty of people ripe for street photography. This was my time to shoot the animals. It was an extremely warm day for the Northwest, so the animals weren’t too active. This, too, became an exercise in patience. I spent about 3 hours at the Zoo, mostly watching the bears and lions sleep. But, I did get a few shots that I really like. Now that I have the pass, I can go at the drop of a hat and try different times of day, framing, exhibits and camera/lens combos.

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