Simplify.  Easier said than done, right?   We spend a lot of time learning all the ins and outs of our complicated cameras.  We read blogs about how to do this and how to do that.  We spend hundreds of dollars on videos, workshops, seminars, etc.  During all this, we are forgetting the most important aspect of photography which is the art of taking a photograph.  I’ve said this before, but I can’t stress it enough.  The photographs we cherish so much and aspire towards were mostly taken with very simple cameras.  Give yourself a break.  Set your camera on “P” mode for a day and just go out and shoot.  Think about composition and capturing the moment.  Give yourself a simple project and spend the day making images for that project.

Yesterday, I spend the morning with an outstanding photographer.  One day, while in Mexico, he decided he was going to spend the day shooting dog bowls on the streets.  I’m thinking, “Dog bowls? WTF!”.  Well, his images were amazing.  Beautifully framed, thoughtfully composed and taken with patience.  He found the composition and waited for that extra element that make the photo.  The tail end of a dog lazily laying by the bowl, a plant beautifully arching over another colorful bowl, and on it went.  Simple, composed, and inspired.  Give yourself a gift.  Take a simple lens.  A prime lens, if you have it, is great for this.  Put your camera on auto and just go out and take photographs.  Concentrate on composition and gestures that have soul.  Forget the rest.  You will be truly inspired and rejuvenated.  I promise.