Oaxaca: Day 2

Day two in Oaxaca, Mexico and it turned out to be a very interesting journey, indeed. Rockets sonically lit up the night sky until dawn when I finally gave in and decided to walk the streets, camera in hand, to see what early light would bring. Apparently, being mostly Catholic, the Oaxacan population doesn’t get out on a Sunday morning so I found myself wandering mostly alone. While the morning light laid beautifully upon the ancient city, there was barely a sole to be seen. Breakfast was a treat of beautifully plated fruit and tamales with a subtle round of coffee after which, I trekked onward towards the morning market which was a visual and, sometimes, not so pleasing olfactory presence, permeated. Luckily, Christina, part of our group, speaks fluent Spanish and she was able to translate our passage though this sensual maze.

It just so happens that Alex and Luis, members of the BlackRapid team, are from Oaxaca and suggested that we explore Tlacolul, famous for Its open mercado for which locals travel each Sunday for their weekly shopping, and El Tule, home of the oldest and largest tree in Oaxaca. We hired a driver for $12.50 per hour to take us 24 kilometers to visit this amazing market. I’ve never seen anything like it. Huge in scope and dramatic in sensory overload, the mercado had everything you can imagine including live turkeys tied to milk crates. With not a tourist in sight, other than the three of us, it was the real thing. Our driver enthusiastically provided us with history and color of the region and took us through the back roads of the countryside to see a traditional mescal distillery, as well as a small town ancient church where, just as we arrived, a funeral procession was in progress.

By 5:00, exhausted and spent, we settled down for a bit of alcoholic relief in the form of cold cerveza or margarita. David Duchimen and Jeffrey Chapman later joined us and then we enjoyed dinner as a group discussing photographic vision, Breaking Bad and, of course, gear. All in all, a lovely day.

Here are some images from today: