Nik Collection by Google Update

The good news is that Google has now announced that you can purchase the full Nik Collection for only $149.   Previously, the entire suite was over twice that.  The newly dubbed “Nik Collection by Google” will now work with Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture.   The update is free to anybody who already owns the plugins.  From what I can tell, if you already own as little as one plugin, you get the entire suite for free.

For those of you who have the Lightroom plugin, you will experience some issues when you try to open one of the plugins.   I can only account for Windows but I’m guessing the same will be on Macs.  Google has now created a new Google folder under the Programs folder.  In there, you will see a folder called Nik Collection.  This is now where your plugins reside.   Here’s how you can fix it:

Go into Preferences – External editing.  Under presets, you should see each NIK plugin listed.  If you do follow these steps for each Nik Plugin:

  1. Click on the preset you want to change (do this for each one)
  2. Click Choose and navigate to the Program Files/Google/Nik Collection/(preset name)
  3. For 64-bit Windows, go to the 64-bit folder within each plugin (for some, there are only 32-bit versions so use those) and click on the application file (with orange and blue Nik logo next to it) and click OPEN
  4. For 32-bit Windows, click on the Application file (simply named the plugin with a orange and blue Nik log next to it) and click OPEN
  5. You will now see the name of the plugin with (edited) showing
  6. Reopen the dropdown and click UPDATE PRESET

This will redirect your existing external edits to the new locations.

If you don’t have each of your plugins showing in the preferences tab under the Additional External Editor dropdown, go through these steps to add them.  This will allow you to right click an image and edit in your plugins easily.

  1. Go to Choose under the preset drop down
  2. Follow steps 2-4 above
  4. Name it NIK (Preset Name)
  5. If you use NIK in front of it, it will keep all the Nik plugins together because the right click list will be alphabetical.

Hope this helps.  Let me know if you have any questions.

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