Lightroom Tip of the Week

I just read about this one.  Quick and awesomely time-saving.  If there are things you do to EVERY image when processing your photos, there’s an easy way to change the DEVELOP defaults.  There are a few things I always do, such as lens correction, a bit of clarity and sharpening.  Open a fresh RAW file and then just make the Develop adjustments you always do.  Then go to the tool bar at the top and click on Develop-Save as Default Setttings.  Now, every photo will already have these changes upon import.  You can always change them during your post-processing.  But, every slider I don’t have to touch is a bit of time savings.

4 thoughts on “Lightroom Tip of the Week”

  1. Hi Alan – I’m a once-in-a-while Meet-up member with a question that should be easy, about LR. I’ve only been viewing my images on the computer, and so I have not been shooting in RAW. When I changed the setting in my camera to shoot RAW & JPEG, then imported a day’s photos directly to LR, I didn’t see any difference anywhere – is there a setting I need to change when I import?

    1. Lynn, you want to change your import settings to import jpgs as separate images. Personally, I don’t see much of a reason to shoot in both RAW and jpg. You can always convert to JPG in LR. It just takes up space and buffer memory when shooting.

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