Lightroom Tip of the Week

One of the things I love about Lightroom is the fact that it is non-destructive to my original image.  This means that I can rediscover images from long ago, hit reset and use my current knowledge, skills and plugins to bring an old, tired or forgotten image back to life.  I was doing just that over the the weekend.  I came across two images.  The one of the train is one that I completely passed over when I initially imported it into Lightroom.  I thought it was dull and boring.  After playing around with the new PerfectPhoto Suite 7, I used it to give this image some fresh life.  I really like the results.  The other image is of a sunset that I captured in Hawaii.  Now get this… I took this image hand-held in 2009 with a 6 megapixel Nikon D50.  I used layers in Photoshop along with Nik Color EFX Pro to give new life to this image.  And guess what… someone saw it over the weekend and bought a framed print of it for quite a bit of money.  It would never have happened had I not revisited it.

So here’s my tip: every so often, as you master Lightroom and your plugins, go back and look for hidden treasures in your catalog.  You are bound to find many.

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