Lightroom Tip of the Week

Have you ever wanted to change the color of what someone is wearing or increase the saturation of a one particular color in an image?  This is where you go to the HSL/Color/B&W module.  Remember the following definitions:

  • Hue is the actual color, ie. if you see a red sweater, the hue is red
  • Saturation is the intensity of that color
  • Luminance is the brightness of that color

Let’s say you want to change the color of the jacket someone is wearing.  If the jacket is, say, purple, you’d have to move the Blue, Red and Purple sliders independently of each other depending on the actual hue of the jacket.  Lightroom makes it much easier.  So easy, in fact, that I never use the sliders.  Look at the image below.  See the Target Adjustment Tool (Red Arrow)?  Click on that and your cursor changes to the TA tool.  Click/Hold on the color you want to change while in the HUE panel and move the mouse up or down to change the hue.  Want to increase/decrease the intensity of the color, do the same thing but while in the Saturation panel.  Same thing for luminance. Note that more times than not, more than one slider will move.  This is because most colors are a combination of colors, not purely one color.  Lightroom knows this and does the work for you.  Want to darken the sky on the image below or change the water to be more blue and less green, use the target adjustment tool while in the Hue panel and watch the magic.  Try it.   Hope this helps.


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