Lightroom Tip of the Week: Reset Sliders

If you’re like me, one of the annoyances of Lightroom is that when using an adjustment tool, the sliders don’t reset from the last time you used this tool.  I understand why this would happen if you were using a previous adjustment, but, to me, if you create a new adjustment, the sliders should automatically reset.

Resetting the sliders is pretty easy, though.  In the develop module, you can double-click any slider to reset it to its default.  You can reset all the sliders of a specific module (tone, adjustment brush, graduated filter, etc.) by holding your Option (Mac) or ALT (PC) key and hit the word “reset”.  This appears where the name of the control is. “Tone” becomes “Reset Tone” when you hit this key.  You can also double-click the name of the control set to reset that group of sliders.

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