Jay Maisel: Light, Gesture & Color

If you are at all I interested in street photography, or any type of a journalistic approach to making images, you should be familiar with Jay Maisel.  Jay is one of the most influential and gifted photographers of our time.  As great a photographer that he is, Jay is an equally talented educator.  I was fortunate to take his infamous workshop at his historic, Manhattan home earlier this year.

For a full week, I was gripped by just about every word that Jay uttered.  When the workshop was at an end, he told us that we should not expect to fully grasp everything we learned that week.  He said that things would become more and more clear over the next few years as we grow in this craft we call photography.  He was certainly right.  Just about every time I pick  up my camera, in some way, Jay is right there with me.

This book is a treasure.  Not only do we get over a hundred, nicely reproduced images out of Jay’s vast and treasured portfolio, but we also get words of wisdom and insight with each one.  Jay says there are three essential elements to any street photograph… light, gesture and color.  If you have one, great.  Nice shot.  If you have two, you have an excellent image.  If you get all three, you have a great photograph.   I’m always looking for these three elements in my images.  Here, Jay tells you the how, why and what makes a great photo by expounding on his own shots.  This book will bring you loads of inspiration.  For that alone, it is worth the price.

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