I’ve said it a hundred times… then didn’t do it!

I’ve told students and fellow photogs over and over that the best protection for your lens is your lens hood.  In fact, I’ve written about using the lens hood and NOT a protective filter.  Well, yesterday, during my street photography class, I let someone shame me into not using my lens hood because Jay Maisel says it is the only way to shoot street photography.  In this rare instance, I acquiesced and paid the price… dearly.  Walking along with my camera at my side and my Nikon 24-70 f/2.8 attached, my camera brushed by a tree.  Honestly, it seemed to be barely a tap.  Well, upon inspection of my lens, the filter ring portion of the barrel had a 1/2 inch chip taken out.  Had I had the lens hood attached, nothing would have happened and all would be well.  The initial estimate from Nikon… $350-700!  Lesson learned the hard way.  So my point here is to always, always have your lens hood on your lens. 

By the way, because I have an insurance rider on my homeowners covering my gear, insurance will cover this.   Another lesson to be learned.  Check with your homeowners insurance company.  It’s well worth the price.


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