Heading to Cuba

In the morning, I’ll be boarding a charter flight to Havana, Cuba for a week’s photographic exchange.  I’ve just learned that part of our itinerary will be visiting the National Ballet Company on the first morning.  I’m hoping to photograph a children’s boxing gym while there.

Cuba is on the cusp of major change.  With President Obama opening relations with Cuba, everything will change… and quickly.  I hope to capture the essence of the Cuban people now, prior to the change.  My plan is to slow down, absorb, watch and engage.  The only way to truly capture the nature of the people is to develop some sort of relationship, however brief it may be, prior to pressing the shutter.  When you can connect with your subject, I believe the viewer of your image can also make the same connection.  That’s what I’ll be trying to achieve during my very short visit to this beautiful and fascinating country.   I hope to share some of these images with you soon.

In the meantime, I spent a couple of days in the Art Deco district of Miami, also known as South Beach.  While I found South Beach to be extremely over crowded and hot, it was really fun to see the art deco architecture.   Spring break is upon us, so the streets were crowded with cruise tourist and drunk, half-nude kids.  Fun to watch at a distance.  But it was these old buildings that fascinated me.  Unfortunately, the good light only lasted minutes, if that.  The sun was hot and harsh almost instantly, making it difficult to find shadows, highlights and texture.  But, I did get this one shot that I like a lot and I think it sums up what the art deco looks like.

Here are two interpretations of the same subject.  The black and white seems, to me, to have a timeless feel.  The color shot shows how animated these buildings actually are.  I feel like I was on the set, had there actually been one, of the Jetsuns.

Miami Art Decco 20150316_miami__DSC0851-Edit

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