Gear: ThinkTank TurnStyle 5 Sling Camera Bag

Let me start out by saying that all of my camera bags (and I have about 8) are Think Tank bags.  I’ve been looking for a small, lightweight shoulder bag with sling-style access for my Sony NEX-7 Mirrorless camera for quite some time.  I’ve finally found it.

Just released by Think Tank, the TurnStyle 5 is designed for mirrorless cameras.  My NEX fits nicely in the main compartment with the addition of 2-3 lenses including my two Sony zoom lenses as well as my Sony Alpha flash.  There is an outside pocket for the iPad mini which is awesome because, hey… if you’re going to carry a mirrorless, you might as well carry the mini instead of the full-sized iPad, right?

The sling-style is great because the bag can rest on your back and you don’t even really know it is there.  Then, you just swing the bag around to the front and grab your camera from the easy access zippered main compartment.

Even better is the fact that, in seconds, the bag can go from a shoulder sling to a waist-belted bag.  This is great for cycling or other times when a shoulder bag would just get in the way.  I love this feature!  In the usual Think Tank way, there are also smaller pockets for memory cards, batteries, cell phones, etc.  The bag weighs next to nothing which is why you’re carrying a mirrorless in the first place.  Oh, and like with all Think Tank bags, there’s a rain cover built into a side pouch.

The bag retails for $75 and can be purchased here!  It also comes in two larger sizes for a DSLR.  Watch for a review of the larger version soon.

Think Tank’s TurnStyle 5 Sling Camera Bag

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