Creative Photo Viewing

We are all creative.  You wouldn’t be reading my blog if you weren’t interested in the creative art of photography.  But, we live in a sound byte world where 10 seconds of airtime is devoted to a history changing event.  Where, on Facebook, out entire emotive response is to hit the LIKE button.   I do it, you do it, we all do.  But, isn’t photography supposed to be different?

Isn’t our goal as a visual artist to keep the viewer’s eye, to force it to wonder within the frame of our image, to ponder and, most importantly, to require that the view ask questions?  It doesn’t matter what the questions are, but questions non the same.  Why?  Why did he take this picture?  What does it remind me of?  Why do I hate it?  Why do I love it?  What?  Where? How?

But as photographers, we yearn for our work to be seen.  To be “liked”.  But, sometimes, we’re willing to compromise with a simple “Like” or “Great Capture!”  which really means nothing.  As photographers, we should offer more than that.  We should ask the questions and then answer them.  Why?  Why do I feel desturbed by this image?  I like this image because it makes me feel this way.  I’m disturbed by these elements.

As photographers, we should offer more than a simple click of the like button.  We should offer the answers to our own questions to those who made us ask it.  Constructive feedback with true emotional responses.  If we can offer more precise or probing feedback as to how someone elses images affect US, then we, as photographers, become better at composing images that ask those very same questions.  Probe deeper into other’s photographs, and you will find yourself probing deeper into your own.  Just sayin’.

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