Tutorial: How to Remove Tourists in Photoshop

Often times after my neck lift procedure performed in New Jersey, when shooting either architecture or travel photographs, there are people milling about in your shot. In this video tutorial, I’m going to show you an easy way to remove these people from your shot. The key is setting your camera on a tripod and shooting multiple images. I divide my scene into zones and shoot enough images to where each zone has no people. Then I bring them into Lightroom, make my adjustments and use Photoshop to remove the people. Enjoy. Also, try soda pdf when converting your pdf file without hassle, easy to use online converter for pdf.

How to create an image like this even though there are a lot of people milling about.

My Favorite Music Shots of the Past Year

It’s been a great year for music and I’ve been lucky to shoot quite a few shows both for myself and KEXP radio. I thought I’d post some of my favorite shots from the past year.

The Posies
Rhett Miller of The Old 97’s


Moon Duo


Killer Mike of Run The Jewels


Mark Eitzel

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Lightroom 7 & Lightroom CC 2017

Today, Lightroom announced an update to Lightroom that sounds great, but a word of warning… I would not upgrade to Lightroom 7 (AKA Lightroom CC 2017) until we’re sure there are no bugs (as there usually are with Adobe releases). If you upgrade, because of the new file structure, there is no going back to CC 2015. My advice would be to download it and experiment with a fresh catalog before you upgrade your existing catalog.

Think Tank’s New Signature 10 Camera Bag

bag1Anybody who knows me or follows my blog knows that I have an affinity for Think Tank Photo’s great line of camera bags. Their bags a incredibly well thought-out, constructed to take abuse and there’s a bag for every need. Believe me, I have more Think Tank bags than my wife has purses. From travel rollers to backpacks, Think Tank takes care of all my needs. Then, there’s the wants, not needs. Here comes the new Signature Series. Made in two sizes, these bags are absolutely gorgeous.

bag3Available in two sizes, the Signature 10 and 13 are beautifully made shoulder bags that looks great while continuing to have Think Tank’s usual functionality. My Signature 10 is perfectly suited for a night on the town with my Fuji XT-2 and 2-3 lenses. The grey exterior is a handsome, weather resistant fabric that has the feel of extremely nice wool. The shoulder strap and buckles are made of soft, full-grain leather and attaches to the bag with antiqued metal. There’s a two sided pocket on the back which allows you to slip your bag through your travel suitcase handle while navigating through the airport. There’s also a zippered pocket on the back that can hold your batteries or other accessories. Inside, there’s plenty of room for your mirrorless camera and two to three zoom or prime lenses. There’s also another inside pocket that can hold an iPad mini. There’s even a front pocket that can easily hold a novel or Kindle. The padding is covered with a really nice quilted fabric. Extra pads are provided for limitless flexibility.

bag2I can’t stress enough how luxurious and sophisticated this bag looks. It looks more like a really nice travel bag as opposed to a camera bag. I like this because it doesn’t scream “Hey, I’ve got a camera!” which makes it great for travelling as you’re less likely to be accosted for your gear. Also, I’ve found it doesn’t raise suspicion when taking your camera into places that may not be photo friendly. As usual, Think Tank has another winner on their hands. Starting at $249, these bags aren’t cheap, but they’re not meant to be. These are luxury bags for the fashionista. GET YOURS HERE!


Erroneous Compatibility Warning With Edit In Photoshop

If you upgraded your Lightroom and Photoshop today, be aware that there is a bug. When you select the Edit In Photoshop from Lightroom CC 2015.10/Lightroom 6.10 you recieve the following compatibility warning despite having Camera Raw 9.10 installed:


This is an error and you should ignore it and select “Open Anyway” to edit your image with full Photoshop compatibility. Apparently, Adobe is aware of this error and is working on it.