There are times in your life, even your day, that you just need to breath.  It’s not hard… in, out… in out.  But because of all the noise pollution surrounding us, we forget how.  In this way, photography mirrors life.  It is so easy to walk around with your camera, so determined to “get that shot” that we forget to breath and, thus, forget to see.  We can be so focused on getting that one, great image in our head, that we can’t see it even if it is right in front of the lens.  Thus, too, is life.  Human beings need a moment to step back, walk slowly and simply breath so we can see what’s right before us.  We can be so focused on the next move, next big shot, that we completely fail to see the incredible moment right before our eyes.  It is on all levels.  Heck, the U.S. government could use a breather so we, as a nation, can see what could be before us instead of focusing only on the present.  So that’s what I’m going to do… breath. Care to join me?

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