Adobe Lightroom Tip of the Week

It’s a brand new year and now is a good time to update your Metadata presets in Lightroom.  If you haven’t created a preset, just go to your library module and down to Metadata.  Click on Edit Presets and add however much information you want to be attached to y our images.  For me, the most important parts are the copyright and creator.  The copyright protects your images (to some degree) and the creator information allows others to see how to contact you so they can pay you 6 figures for your image!  Note the Rights usage Terms that I use in the example below.  Remember, Windows users, that you can create the circle “C” by hitting ALT+0169.

Once done, go back to the top and either save it as a new preset or update your current preset (if you already have one).   Then, on import, make sure you select that preset as part of your import.  You’ll be good to go.


2 thoughts on “Adobe Lightroom Tip of the Week”

  1. Thanks, Alan. Your tip reminded me to do this. There is an easier way to make the (c) symbol on a Windows machine. It is Ctrl+Alt+c. However it doesn’t work in Notepad or Lightroom. One has to do it in a WYSIWYG program like Word and then copy it from there. The method you described with Alt+0169 works on the number pad of a regular keyboard, but not a laptop keyboard. At least not mine. 😉

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