Lightroom Tip of the Week

I’ve decided I want to have two Lightroom catalogs.  My primary catalog with all my photos going back forever and ever. And one just for the current year.  Yes, I know it is February but this is easy to do.   In your library module, click on all photographs at the top of the Catalog module.  Hit “G” for grid mode and click on Metadata.  Sort by date.  You now have 2013.  CTR-A/CMD-A to select all.  Hold your ALT key and the export button will change to Export Catalog.  Call the new catalog 2013 Library or some such identifier.  Export with the images and previews.  You can now open the .lrc file called “2013 Library”.   Then, at the end of the year, you do the same thing and then go to your MAIN catalog and import the 2013 catalog.  All your data will be preserved.

Why would I do this?  Well, here are a few reasons:

  • Keeps my images manageable by allowing me to just see the work on the current year images
  • Keeps Lightroom fast because I don’t have 20,000 to 30,ooo images in my active catalog
  • I can always go into my primary catalog if I want to look at older images
  • Allows me to start fresh with new Collection Sets and Collections
  • I am maintaining the same folder hierarchy on my hard drive so the images don’t have to move.
  • I’m still putting the new catalog in my Lightroom folder so I still only have to backup one folder to get all things photography backed up


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