Rattlesnake Lake in the Late Afternoon

Went to Rattlesnake Lake near North Bend today.  Unfortunately, the light was flat and unexciting.  I was able to get some decent shots today using several techniques.  This one was taken using the Lee Big Stopper.  This was a 3 minute exposure at f/11.  During  the 3 minutes, I continuously threw rocks into the water at various places to create some movement in the stillness.  This gave the appearance of the milky water below.


The image below was 3 initial images taken one stop apart.  I used Photomatix to create this HDR image.  Though I’m not a fan of the “HDR Look”, I thought it worked on this image to give it another world feel.

Rattlesnake Lake 1

This was three images combined using HDR Pro 2 by Nik Software.  I then took it into Lightroom and added a bit of color to the sky.  I love the reflection of the tree stump in the water below as well as the small tree growing out of the top.


9 thoughts on “Rattlesnake Lake in the Late Afternoon”

  1. As you know, I am not normally a fan of HDR. But the middle picture, the first of the two Stump in Lake pictures, is really good. Very nice job- your rendering does a nice job of protraying the desolate remote look

  2. Hi Alan,
    I recently added the Big Stopper to my wish list. I was told they are sold out. Where did you buy yours?

    Do you have a shot of the scene without the Big Stopper filter? I would love to see a comparison.

    Thanks for detailing how you created these shots. Both are visually compelling.


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