Adobe Lightroom Tip

As a Lightroom instructor for Bellevue College, I thought I’d occasionally share some tips and tricks that I have tucked away deep in my brain or as I come across them. Here comes one now…

A feature that I use regularly is the Auto Advance. In the Library module, go to Photo in the menu and click on Advance. This is useful when culling your images. If you flag it as picked or rejected, assign a star or color rating, etc., Lightroom will automatically advance to the next image. Very useful and fast.

However, there are times when it gets in the way. I don’t always want to move on to the next image when I flag it. Well, there’s a better option than “permanently” activating this feature in the menus. You can use the Caps Lock button to toggle this feature on and off. Need it? Just hit your Caps Lock key. Don’t need it, hit it again. This way, you can quickly activate the feature, cull your images and turn it off. Enjoy this time saving feature.

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