Monthly Archives: November 2016

John Doe at KEXP 11-29-2016

John Doe, formerly of the band X, performed a solo acoustic show in the Gathering Space at KEXP last night. It was absolutely fantastic. Everybody was so quiet, even John mentioned that he never gets to play in front of such a quiet audience and he felt like a folk singer at a club in the 60s. A total treat!


The Veils @ KEXP 11-14-2016

If you are not familiar with this band, you should definitely check them out. Finn Andrews is the son of original XTC member and Shriekback founder Barry Andrews. The Veils have an amazing sound. Highly recommended.


Real Estate Shoot in Woodinville

This funky house in Woodinville presented some challenges as the inside was quite dark and the outside was very stormy. In addition to that, the seller was building a new patio in the back and didn’t want to wait to photograph it until it was finished.