2FILTERS.COM: Amazing service!

This is amazing… my Lee Landscape 77mm mounting ring came apart last week. I bought this at 2filters.com. I called them to see if this was normal and they said no and offered to send me a new one to replace it. This is the ring that mounts my Lee Landscape ND Filters to the lens. As of today, it hasn’t come and I really needed it for my Palouse trip tomorrow. I called 2filters and they said the tracking number has it coming on Saturday. She offered to send it to me overnight to my hotel in The Palouse at no charge!!! This is the kind of service they give.

If you need filters of any kind, I can’t recommend them enough!



I went to the park at the bottom of the I-90 bridge last Wednesday with some friends to shoot the bridge as the sun sets. While they were setting up to get some great water shots (which they did), I saw two Asian women fishing against the ominous sky. I walked over the the small dock where they were and they noticed me. They were speaking a language I didn’t recognize, which just means “not English”, and I asked them if I could photograph them while they fished. They gave me the international sign that they don’t speak my language, the shoulder shrug, and smiled. I held up my camera and pointed their way with it and they both laughed and continued on with what they were doing. We engaged and even without a shared language, we were able to make a small connection that created an opening for me. I spent 10-12 minutes with one of them (the other sat in her chair and wasn’t that engaged) as she fished away. At one point, I even got her to pose for me. But it’s this shot that I really love. It looks, to me, painterly as she looks out towards the water and darkening sky and I wonder what she’s pondering and what brought her to this point in life.

I shot this with my Nikon D800 and Nikon 24-70 f/2.8 lens at 1600 ISO.

Woman at Sea
Woman at Sea

Lightroom Tip of the Week – Folder Sync

If you are like me, I sometimes bring images into my computer from outside of Lightroom.  This can be an image that you edited in a program other than Lightroom such as Photoshop, HDR EFX Pro or Portrait Professional.  If I do, I still save them to the correct folder in my photo hierarchy.  For instance, if I create an HDR directly out of an outside program, I’ll then save it to my Lightroom/Photos/2013/06 folder.  But if I go into Lightroom, the program doesn’t know these images exist.

If you added files to a folder outside of Lightroom, just go to that folder in your Lightroom “Folders” panel, right click on the folder name and the select “SYNCHRONIZE FOLDER”.  Poof!  Your images  will be imported.

Lightroom Tip of the Week: Reset Sliders

If you’re like me, one of the annoyances of Lightroom is that when using an adjustment tool, the sliders don’t reset from the last time you used this tool.  I understand why this would happen if you were using a previous adjustment, but, to me, if you create a new adjustment, the sliders should automatically reset.

Resetting the sliders is pretty easy, though.  In the develop module, you can double-click any slider to reset it to its default.  You can reset all the sliders of a specific module (tone, adjustment brush, graduated filter, etc.) by holding your Option (Mac) or ALT (PC) key and hit the word “reset”.  This appears where the name of the control is. “Tone” becomes “Reset Tone” when you hit this key.  You can also double-click the name of the control set to reset that group of sliders.

6-4-2013 3-55-54 PM6-4-2013 3-56-58 PM